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29 February

Best Insect Repellants To Use When Fishing

Fishing during the warm months will entail battling pesky insects that can interfere with the joy of any outdoor activity. If you are planning to fish in a standing body of water like a small pond, then you will be more likely to encounter a larger mass of insects, especially when the sun is setting. While there are many brands to chose from, along with types of repellant, the best kind of insect repellant will consist of the ingredients that are designed to repel the bugs and how long the product will (more…)

28 February

Water Safety Tips To Use When Fishing

Fishing is one of many recreational pastime hobbies that is enjoyed by many people around the world regardless of their age or gender. However, some things should be considered regarding the safety of any individual who goes fishing.

If an individual is using a boat when they are fishing, they should wear a life jacket and know how to swim. It is also a good idea to know something about the area they will be fishing in such as if there are submerged logs or other obstacles in the water.

Dressing for the type of weather is (more…)

26 February

Things To Pack When Fishing On A Hot Day

A fishing trip can be a great recreational activity that gets you out of the house and into a boat to enjoy the rest of your day. You can spend time with a fishing buddy, spouse or child during a day trip. Fishing on a hot day can be advantageous because the fish can be active and fewer fishermen may be out competing for the same fish. Don’t forget to bring along the following items.


Wear comfortable and (more…)

23 February

Tips For Avoiding Bites From Dangerous Fish

Tips For Avoiding Bites From Dangerous Fish

It is easy to picture a clear day. The weather is beautiful and you are ready for the big fishing adventure. There are a few things to remember to make sure that your fishing trip is successful. Fishing safety is always important and precautions should be taken.

It is always necessary to check weather conditions. Don’t take chances and find a safe spot to fish or consider staying home. Simple procedures will ensure your physical safety. Wear the right footwear and the right clothing to protect your body. It makes good sense to (more…)

22 February

Precautions To Take When Fishing With Kids

Fishing is an fun and exciting sport that young and old both enjoy. Fishing can also have many risk involved. While fishing with you children, you need to insure that safety is top priority. You can start by enforcing that your children wear a life jacket while fishing. Anytime that children are near water, they have the potential of falling in. By keeping them in a life jacket, you can put that fear to rest. They may still fall in, but with the life jacket on you (more…)