Things To Pack When Fishing On A Hot Day

A fishing trip can be a great recreational activity that gets you out of the house and into a boat to enjoy the rest of your day. You can spend time with a fishing buddy, spouse or child during a day trip. Fishing on a hot day can be advantageous because the fish can be active and fewer fishermen may be out competing for the same fish. Don’t forget to bring along the following items.


Wear comfortable and clothing that is not restrictive for your day trip. Shorts, a t-shirt and a hat may suffice. Pack an extra pair of clothes for each person attending the trip in case your boat tips over or you get your clothes messy in the process.


Pack a meal for each person on the boat and for each meal that you will miss while away on your boat. Sandwiches are an easy option, but be sure not to add mayonnaise which may cause salmonella on hot days. Also bring plenty of beverages to avoid heat stroke.

Fishing Equipment

Pack at least three fishing rods, ample bait, a tackle box, an extra reel and extra line.

Other Supplies

Pack sunblock and any supplies that you will use to gut and transport the fish you catch.

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