Best Insect Repellants To Use When Fishing

Fishing during the warm months will entail battling pesky insects that can interfere with the joy of any outdoor activity. If you are planning to fish in a standing body of water like a small pond, then you will be more likely to encounter a larger mass of insects, especially when the sun is setting. While there are many brands to chose from, along with types of repellant, the best kind of insect repellant will consist of the ingredients that are designed to repel the bugs and how long the product will last with it’s application.

DEET is the most common active form of insect repellant and the most used chemical world wide. The percentage can range from a 20 concentrate up to 95, and can last anywhere from 4 hours up to 12 hours for one application.

Natural insect repellants have become more popular in recent years, and can be just as effective as manufactured ones. The common ingredients usually consist of citronella and lemon eucalyptus, however they usually cost more and may require frequent applications.

Choosing an insect repellant may require some trial and error, however it will make a significant difference when battling the elements of nature.

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